Le premier mai 2013, j'entreprends un périple de un an sur la route. Vous pourrez suivre sur ce blogue mes déplacements et aventures... (On May the first 2013, I begin a one year journey on the road. You can follow me on this blog through my travels and adventures.)
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vendredi 7 août 2009

Jour 100 de ma grande aventure./// day 100 of my great adventure!

Gambitshark de Iceland. Record mondial 2008.
250kg (classe 82.5gk) Wien Autriche. Voici le joueur le plus fort aux échecs, sur le site Queen Alice...(Personne n'ose le battre sur un échiquier.)
///Gambitshark From Iceland...
Photo of him lifting masters world record 250kg in weightclass 82,5kg in Wien Austria nov 2008:
( Is it the reason why he is so strong in chess??? No one dares to beat him on a chess board....)

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi friends,
    I am Gil. Gambitshark is not only redoutable predator of the seas and of chessboard. He also is one of the most strong men. Lol, the man is really srong... 250 kg up to the top. Very few men get it. It is not to anyone else. Congratulations Gambitshark.

  2. You'r right Gil !
    I am very proud to have him on my blog.



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